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is mads mikkelsen a myth or does he really exist



…wait a minute?


…wait a minute?

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Gordon’s special dinner by Hannibal Lecter. Inspired by this funny post.

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Anonymous asked: IF you READ the books there's no way you'd think Hannibal was gay in them. You are a liar and your blog is fucking horrible. I have fucking hated it since you started it you piece of shit moron.

Abigail. Show me what happened.

My absolute favorite bit of characterization on Hannibal is how (especially during the first season) Hannibal and Will are both shown wearing plaid, silently showing the audience how similar both men are at the core, as if they are quite literally “cut from the same cloth.”


what do i even say for myself

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arisa-the-yankii asked: hi! I saw the thing you posted earlier about Hannibal's orientation, and I wanted to throw in my two cents. Your statement that he is aroused by himself makes a lot of sense. He is a serial killer, a particularly twisted and empathetic one at that. Primarily with serial killers, they are aroused by the idea of killing. Their method of committing the crime is their point of arousal. That's why many "real killers" have such sexual components to their crimes. They also tend to be narcissists.

yeah man i feel all this and also hannibal is a big time narcissist

i don’t think he gets aroused by his murder though— i think he gets aroused by thinking about the act of killing because he’s exerting power and control in a way nobody else can (or so he thinks) 

in a way (and idk if im right im just kind of typing as i think) i think he almost wants to be “dominated” by himself, almost like the ripper is a completely different personality and he wants to submit to it in a way???  maybe???

or i could be wrong about everything idk i just think it fits with his personality



in the second pic the guy behind: oh my Mads!! dat back! dat butt!!

#we’re all that guy



in the second pic the guy behind: oh my Mads!! dat back! dat butt!!

#we’re all that guy

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5pixels asked: Help, can we do something cool as fans to tell Madds that we love him and that his face is perfect like letters or something I'm so concerned for him.


i’m sure he’s fine bby


Hannibal Lecter + overwhelming sass

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What do you think Hannibal’s sexual orientation is? 

im curious 

i used to solidly headcanon hannibal as gay (when i first saw silence of the lambs) but now i’m leaning more towards pansexual

but i also have a headcanon that hannibal is aroused by himself, by his looks and by his intelligence and by the power he possesses. i honestly think that if hannibal could get with a clone of himself, he absolutely would and he’d have a great time too

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